Ska-p was born as a group in 1994, so they formed it:
Pulpul, to the lead vocal and guitar
Toni Escobar, guitar and choirs
July, bass
Kogote, keyboards and choirs
Pako, drums
After a few months of rehearsals they record what is their first cd. called ska-p, where they already pointed the ways in their lyrics and music, which a few years later would make them very popular, but there was still time for that, they play in many places, for the expenses and little else, (Galicia, Almeria, Madrid , etc …) then they were not known just so many of their concerts were for small amounts of people and almost ignored, in that moment.

But a song of his begins to break out in Madrid: it was a song of support for Rayo Vallecano. The musicians of Ska-P are very close to the neighborhood of Vallekas, (although only some of its members live in it). In fact, the band always moves through the streets of this neighborhood and rehearses on it. This song for many ends up being a hymn and you start to hear a lot in almost all the bars of the neighborhood, little by little it is contagious to other gambling dens of the city, and more and more people are finding out that there is a group called Ska -P with very good lyrics that oppose the bullfights and political corruption; antimilitarist, antiracist letters, etc …

It is because of the opening of “Platero y Tu” , and “Extremoduro” (two of the biggest rock bands in those moments) when their popularity goes up another rung in Madrid, but they still had to pass a few more things before finally taking off.

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